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With our open-source software for avatar-based teaching and learning in virtual reality, we enable students and lecturers to communicate, teach and learn with each other using avatars and to use a wide variety of teaching and learning scenarios.

What is MyScore?

In the context of the current pandemic, the limitations of face-to-face teaching, as well as those of hybrid approaches such as blended learning, have also become apparent at many German universities. The greatest disadvantage resulted from the location-dependency of these concepts. The widespread use of videoconferencing software and systems bridges the distances that the Corona crisis has put between teachers and students, but these approaches have their own limitations. The multi-faceted nature of face-to-face teaching cannot be fully represented by such applications, as the two-dimensionality of collaborative interaction cannot represent the true complexity and exchange in traditional teaching situations. Even outside the current global pandemic, especially with regard to international collaborations, the question arises as to what the future of digital teaching looks like and how it can promote exchange between learners and teachers even without presence.

The advantages of VR

Which scenarios are possible?

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MyScore Chronicle

11.2.2022 VR Representation RWTH Aachen
14.01.2022 Bucerius Law School
3.12.2021 TU Dresden Media Centre
22.11.2021 NRW Meeting of Prorectors for International Affairs
15.11.2021 DAAD University Marketing
11.11.2021 Lecture series University of Police
2.11.2021 University:Future:Festival
28.10.2021 Tausendwasser Conference
28.09.2021 Digital Teaching Day 2021
17.09.2021 Places - Virtual Reality Festival
15.09.2021 Rotary Club Aachen
15.07.2021 Sozialwerk Aachen
07.07.2021 TU Wien
05.07.2021 Comenius Award
01.07.2021 DAAD Gate Germany
18.06.2021 IPW and 4ING
28.05.2021 VR Workshop
20.05.2021 Innovationstag 2021
6.05.2021 E-Learning Conference
28.04.2021 Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
9.03.2021 Young academy
10.03.2021 FH Bielefeld
9.03.2021 TU Darmstadt
2.03.2021 Sozialwerk Aachen
26.01.2021 Conference pipeline construction
22.01.2021 Mainz University
8.12.2020 DAAD Webinar
4.12.2020 Training Series
20.11.2020 VR Taskgroup
18.11.2020 Information exchange
20.11.2020 Talk Teaching
22.10.2020 Film clip
14.10.2020 Living Innovation
8.10.2020 Workshop
7.10.2020 Showcase
7.10.2020 Rotary Club Heinsberg
6.10.2020 DAAD Conference
5.10.2020 DWA webinar
26.08.2020 Use case Economics
11.08.2020 Lions Club
5.08.2020 Use case Theology
24.07.2020 Use case Lawyers
30.04.2020 VDI interview
18.04.2020 FAZ article
9.04.2020 ARD television report
6.02.2020 internal information event
31.01.2020 RWTH New Year's reception
29.01.2020 Trade fair presence
9.12.2019 HFD & DAAD
25.10.219 Practice transfer
21.10.2019 HFDcon
13.09.2019 HRK nexus