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With our open-source software for avatar-based teaching and learning in virtual reality, we enable students and lecturers to communicate, teach and learn with each other using avatars and to use a wide variety of teaching and learning scenarios.

What is MyScore?

In the context of the current pandemic, the limitations of face-to-face teaching, as well as those of hybrid approaches such as blended learning, have also become apparent at many German universities. The greatest disadvantage resulted from the location-dependency of these concepts. The widespread use of videoconferencing software and systems bridges the distances that the Corona crisis has put between teachers and students, but these approaches have their own limitations. The multi-faceted nature of face-to-face teaching cannot be fully represented by such applications, as the two-dimensionality of collaborative interaction cannot represent the true complexity and exchange in traditional teaching situations. Even outside the current global pandemic, especially with regard to international collaborations, the question arises as to what the future of digital teaching looks like and how it can promote exchange between learners and teachers even without presence.

The advantages of VR

Which scenarios are possible?

MyScore Chronicle

DAAD Marketing VR-Internationalization
DAAD Marketing VR-Internationalization

At the beginning of the year, the DAAD is organizing a two-part event on the topic of "VR use in marketing internationalization".

We will present the possibilities of MyScore in the context of the VR representation of RWTH Aachen University and show the participants how they can bring their own university into virtual reality without much effort.

VR Showroom Hof University
VR Showroom Hof University

The Bavarian joint project

"ii.oo - Implementing Digital Competency-based Testing".

hosted a VR showroom.

We had an immediate presence in VR and were able to present the possibilities of our software directly from VR.

Moving Target Digitalisation
Moving Target Digitalisation

The DAAD organized the large Moving Target Digitalisation Conference in Berlin at the end of the year.

We were allowed to participate with two contributions. One on the MyScore software as an open source offering for the university landscape and one on the new VR representation of RWTH Aachen University.

OEB - Online Education Berlin
OEB - Online Education Berlin

As part of a session of the DAAD we were allowed to present our MyScore software at this year's Online Education Berlin fair.

eTeach network Thuringia workshop
eTeach Network Thuringia

On the occasion of the annual conference of the eTeach network Thuringia we were able to present MyScore on site.

COP 27 Egypt
COP 27 Egypt

On the occasion of the World Climate Conference in Sharm-el-Shech, we were likely to present the benefits of using VR in two talks.

One was about the use in the sustainability strategy and the second presentation was about how students can get information about RWTH Aachen without having to be on site.

TH Cologne Workshop
TH Cologne Workshop

During the visit at the TH Cologne, the MyScore VR team was able to present the software to interested lecturers and university employees in the context of a workshop and subsequently talk about possible cooperations and areas of application in vivid discussions.

Character strength test VIA-IS
Character Strength Test VIA-IS

In cooperation with Prof. Ksienzyk-Kreuziger from the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Berlin, we have created a VR scenario in which the character strength test VIA-IS can be performed.

FgHW Flood Olympics
High Water Olympics Hoya

At the first FgHW Flood Olympics in Hoya, participants were able to use our software, among others, to build the virtual mobile flood protection wall.

Project start NurGIS-VR

Project start of the NurGIS-VR project for the utilization of spatial data from geographic information systems using virtual reality scenarios in cooperation with Prof. Wellmann and his team. 

The project is funded by the Innovation in University Teaching Foundation.

GUtech visit at the WZL
GUtech visit at the WZL

For the acceptance of jointly developed virtual laboratories for the WZL, the MyScore team was able to inspire GUtech for the application of VR.

GI VR/AR Stuttgart
GI VR/AR Stuttgart

At the XR event of the GI VR/AR in Stuttgart, the MyScore team presented current results, in the context of a research report, of the use of the VR software.

GUtech - OMAN
GUtech - Oman

During the visit of the MyScore team at the Professional Development Days at GUtech in Oman, VR application areas in the higher education sector were presented in a workshop and follow-up projects and future cooperation were discussed.

AIP Konferenz - Prof. Piller
AIP Konferenz - Prof. Piller

In the context of the annual AIP conference of the TIM of the RWTH Aachen University under the direction of Prof. Piller we were allowed to present our MyScore software to the participants.


With the kind support of MedienNetzwerk NRW, the MyScore team was able to present the VR software to trade visitors at Gamescom and gain valuable contacts.

Trade fair visit at the DigitalDemoDay
Trade fair visit at the DigitalDemoDay

At the DigitalDemoDay in Düsseldorf, the MyScore team was able to present the software to many interested visitors and establish valuable contacts for follow-up projects.

BfG freshwater measurements on the Rhine with the multipurpose vessel Walter Türk
BfG freshwater measurements on the Rhine with the multipurpose vessel Walter Türk

Together with the Federal Institute of Hydrology, the MyScore team was able to collect valuable media data in the field of freshwater measurements on the Rhine and gain insights into the work of researchers.

Es wurden 360-Aufnahmen der Messungen für ein VR-Szenario erstellt.

MyScore Workshop at the HFDcon at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany
MyScore Workshop at the HFDcon at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany
During the HFDcon the MyScore team presented the VR software to interested visitors in a workshop and discussed further application areas.
MyScore presentation at Talk Lehre
MyScore presentation at Talk Lehre
Presentation of the progress on MyScore and possibility of software testing for interested parties
Presentation of MyScore at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FNHW
Presentation of MyScore at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FNHW
At the Hochschule für Gestaltung (FHNW) in Basel, the VR software was presented to the visitors of the MyScore workshop and new application possibilities were discussed during the exchange.
EPIC Conference Rotterdam
EPIC Conference Rotterdam
At the EPIC (Educational Pioneers and Innovators Conference) the MyScore team presented the development approaches and the VR software to interested visitors.
TNB Conference Berlin
TNB Conference Berlin
We presented our MyScore software at the event "Unterwegs: Standortbestimmung und Perspektiven zum zwanzigjährigen Jubiläum transnationaler Bildungsangebote des DAAD und der deutschen Hochschulen" with representatives of the nextSTEP project team, the International Office of RWTH Aachen University and GUtech.
15 years HKC Olympics
15 years HKC Olympics
As part of the Hochwasser-Olympiade of the Hochwasser Kompetenz Centrum e.V., the MyScore team cheered on motivated teams to build up our mobile flood protection wall in Virtual Reality in a competition for the fastest time.
SWEM Co-Teaching VR Project
SWEM Co-Teaching VR Project
As part of the SWEM project, students from PoliMi and RWTH Aachen University were given the opportunity to discover VR experiences with each other that are relevant to their studies and enriched with educational context.
5. Cologne Netzmeistertage
5. Cologne Netzmeistertage
At the 5th Cologne Netzmeistertage we presented our project and gave interested visitors of the conference the opportunity to experience our VR scenes.
Final Colloqium Bucerius Law School / RWTH LFI
Final Colloqium Bucerius Law School / RWTH LFI
As part of the project work, the final presentations were carried out in VR with students from Bucerius Law School and RWTH Aachen University.
VR Representation RWTH Aachen
VR Representation RWTH Aachen

By June 2022, we will create a virtual representation of RWTH Aachen University for the DAAD.

The DAAD has the creation process documented by an agency.

Bucerius Law School
Bucerius Law School

Today we are launching a joint campaign with Bucerius Law School in Hamburg.

Two prospective lawyers from Hamburg and two prospective engineers from Aachen are each working on a joint case: the expansion of a flood retention basin. 
They will present their findings to a planning commission in VR.

TU Dresden Media Centre
TU Dresden Media Centre

The Medical Interprofessional Training Centre of the TU Dresden would like to cooperate with us in the field of VR applications.

This means that from now on we will also be implementing areas of application from medicine.

NRW Meeting of Prorectors for International Affairs
NRW Meeting of Prorectors for International Affairs

The prorectors for internationalisation in NRW regularly exchange views on current topics.

This time, avatar-based teaching and learning was part of the programme.

There was a very interesting exchange of ideas and views.

DAAD University Marketing
DAAD University Marketing

The DAAD intends to have a VR representation of a German university created for international university marketing.

We were asked whether this could possibly be RWTH Aachen University.

... of course we immediately answered in the affirmative 😉

Lecture series University of Police
Lecture series University of Police

The University of Police and Public Administration NRW is organising a lecture series under the motto "Post Corona - what's next for teaching".

Together with Prof. Döge, we were able to present MyScore and then discuss areas of application in the police and administration.



The University Forum on Digitisation and the Foundation for Innovation in Higher Education organised the University:Future:Festival as an online event from 2-4 November.

We had the great fortune to present our MyScore software exclusively to the Minister of Education Karliczek for 30 minutes after her award ceremony.

Tausendwasser Conference
Tausendwasser Conference

On the occasion of the Tausendwasser Conference in Berlin, a large trade fair for the entire water industry, we were allowed to demonstrate MyScore in a technical lecture as well as at a stand.

There was a lot of interested feedback from the professional audience.

Digital Teaching Day 2021
Uni Regensburg - Tag der digitalen Lehre 2021

The University of Regensburg organised its day of digital teaching purely online today.

We were be able to present the possibilities of avatar-based teaching and learning at a virtual stand.


Places - Virtual Reality Festival
Places - Virtual Reality Festival

On Friday and Saturday we participated in the Virtual Reality Festival Places in Gelsenkirchen.

On site were many interested people from very young to very old ;-).

Especially the VR scenarios for the new Sozialwerk Aachen project were very well received.

Rotary Club Aachen
Rotary Club Aachen

On invitation of the president, Mrs. Prof. Klee, we were allowed to present our MyScore development at the Rotary Club Aachen-Charlemange.

On site, club members were able to try out the software for themselves.

We were able to take away many new potential areas of application from the presentation.

Sozialwerk Aachen
Sozialwerk Aachen goes live

Today we started our new project with Sozialwerk Aachen.

Sozialwerk Aachen provides foreign citizens with the necessary skills to enter service activities with the help of our software.

TU Wien
TU Wien

The Rectorate and the University Council of the TU Wien visited RWTH Aachen on 7 and 8 July.

During the event, we were able to present the MyScore developments and the cooperation with GUtech.

Comenius Award
Comenius Award

... great joy in our VR team!

As part of the Comenius Award competition 2020, our MyScore software was awarded a Comenius EduMedia Seal in the category of science education.

DAAD Gate Germany
DAAD Gate Germany

Every 2 years, the DAAD organises the big Gate Germany Conference.

We had the opportunity to present MyScore and the internationalisation strategy of RWTH Aachen University in an independent session and a use-case with the GUtech .

IPW and 4ING
IPW Annual Conference 2021

On the occasion of the 15th Regional Engineering Education Conference, we were allowed to present our MyScore software in the 4Ing session "How can young people be inspired for technology, and what can technical faculties at universities contribute to this?

VR Workshop
DAAD VR Workshop

The DAAD is holding its first internal workshop on the topic of VR.

The key question is whether virtual reality is a future technology for international exchange.

... and we are allowed to be there with MyScore 😉

Innovationstag 2021
IWW Innovationstag 2021
The IWW organizes the Innovation Day 2021 and we were able to present our application for building mobile flood protection walls in VR.
E-Learning Conference
E-Learning Conference FH Bielefeld

At the E-Learning Conference of the FH Bielefeld MySore was involved with several contributions (among others together with Prof. Ziebart).

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Vienna University of Economics and Business

The Digital Teaching Services of the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien is interested in our MyScore software.

We will remain in exchange.

Young academy
Young academy

Today we had three members of the Junge Akademie as guests.  The Young academy is the world's first academy of young scientists.

We were able to present our open source development.

... Maybe this will develop into the first meeting of the Junge Akademie in VR 😉 ...


FH Bielefeld
FH Bielefeld

Prof. Ziebart, a VR pioneer at Bielefeld UAS, wants to use the VR software for his purposes.

After an intensive exchange we will appear together at the upcoming e-learning conference of the FH Bielefeld.

TU Darmstadt
TU Darmstadt

We received a request from the TU Darmstadt to use the MyScore software. They want to work specifically with 360 Gard photos and videos in VR.

We have agreed to work together.

Sozialwerk Aachen
Sozialwerk Aachen

Sozialwerk Aachen would like to use our software to prepare foreign citizens for employment in the local labor market.

We are currently designing special VR scenarios for use there on July 2021.

8.02.2021 Practical transfer 1B

... it took a long time, but then it was really great: The second part of the series Practice Transfer at has taken place. 
We started in a Zoom meeting and from there we moved seamlessly into virtual reality. The participants could take part in the event with their own VR glasses. 

Conference pipeline construction
Conference pipeline construction

... and again a request from the field of vocational education.

The Pipeline Association has given us the opportunity to show how VR can be used in vocational education and training.

Mainz University
Mainz University

At Mainz University of Applied Sciences, three professors from different faculties are interested in the topic of VR use in teaching. 

We were able to agree on concrete scenarios for cooperation.

DAAD Webinar
DAAD Webseminarreihe "Digital Formats in international Higher Education Projects"

... and again an event of our client DAAD: 
The DAAD organizes the international conference "Digital Formats in international Higher Education Projects".
We could contribute a workshop to this.


Training Series
GIZ Training Series

The Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) regularly provides training for its employees.

We were invited to report about MyScore during a webinar.


VR Taskgroup
VR-Taskgroup Vice Presidents

The vice presidents of the German universities regularly exchange information about news in teaching. This time we were given the chance to introduce MyScore.

Information exchange
SKEMA Business School Paris

... the first interested party from abroad: Prof. Jolink from SKEMA Business School in Paris became aware of MyScore and we had an intensive exchange.

Talk Teaching
Talk Teaching

Every year, RWTH Aachen University hosts Talk Lehre, presenting the latest developments in digital teaching.

This year, we were allowed to present avatar-based teaching and thus found more interested parties from RWTH Aachen University.




Film clip
ARD Campus Magazine

... and once again the ARD Campus Magazin visited Aachen. Despite the pandemic, a film team from the BR has visited us and (as we find) shot a great contribution for the ARD format.

Living Innovation
Vienna University of Economics and Business

Prof. Martinuzzi from the Vienna University of Economics and Business regularly organizes web events on innovative topics. 

Today, we were allowed to join three other VR/AR activists and to introduce what MyScore currently has to offer.

Workshop University:Future Festival

... and again University:Future Festival: Today we could present the software in a workshop.

Showcase University:Future Festival 2020

The Hochschulforum Digitalisierung organizes the international conference "University:Future Festival". We were allowed to contribute a showcase.

Rotary Club Heinsberg
Rotary Club Heinsberg

The Rotary Club Heinsberg invited us to present on the topic of digitalization strategy in teaching and the use of VR in teaching.

DAAD Conference
DAAD Conference

Our client, the German Academic Exchange Service, hosted the international conference "Moving target digitalisation: re-thinking global exchange in higher education". There we were allowed to present the latest version of the VR software (now all with stand-alone UNITY code) in a workshop.

DWA webinar
DWA Webinar Future of Training

The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) invited us to present our software at a webinar on the future of education. 

Use case Economics
Use case Economics

Another VR pioneer at RWTH Aachen, Prof. Piller, expressed interest in using the VR software in his courses on economics. 

An exchange began that continues to be mutually beneficial to this day.

Lions Club
Lions Club Euregio Rhein Maas

Through the FAZ article, the Lions Club Euregio Rhein Maas became aware of the developments at RWTH Aachen and had them presented at a club meeting.  Interestingly, some members are employees of the RWTH Aachen, so that the circle closes.

Use case Theology
Use case Theology

The winner of the NRW teaching award, Prof. Paganini, expresses his interest in using the VR software in his seminars. This makes him the first lecturer at RWTH Aachen University to integrate the software into his teaching on a binding basis (... after the LFI, of course 😉

Use case Lawyers
Cooperation lawyers

The article in the FAZ brought MyScore to the attention of the three lawyers, Prof. Pohlmann (University of Münster), Prof. Dauner-Lieb (University of Cologne) and Prof. Lobinger (University of Heidelberg). The first use cases for the lawyers were subsequently developed.

VDI interview
VDI interview

In issue 20/21, VDI Nachrichten reported on avatar-based teaching and learning.

FAZ article
FAZ article

The Frankfurter Allgemeine reported about our software in an interview.

Dadurch wurden unter anderem Juristen auf unsere VR-Software aufmerksam.

ARD television report
ARD Campus contribution

... we are proud of it: the broadcast series ARD Campus has made a contribution to our software.

internal information event
Faculty of Architecture

Dissemination internally: the possibilities that VR offers for teaching could be presented to the lectures of the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH.

RWTH New Year's reception
RWTH Transparent

At the RWTH New Year's Reception (RWTH Transparent), Prof. Nacken and Dr. Persike were able to give the guests an insight into avatar-based teaching and learning.

Trade fair presence
Fair Learntec Karlsruhe

At the annual Learntec trade fair in Karlsruhe, we were involved with a contribution at the university stand.

Strategies Beyond Bordes

The Hochschulforum Digitalisierung hosted the international conference "Startegies beyond Borders" in Berlin. We were allowed to present our VR developments in the context of a workshop.

Practice transfer
Practice transfer

As part of's "Practice Transfer" series, MyScore was presented in a one-hour webinar. Die Aufzeichnung davon finden Sie hier.


At the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung conference, the software was presented to an audience for testing as part of a workshop.

HRK nexus
HRK nexus

On the occasion of the HRK nexus conference in Kaiserlautern, the first prototype of the MyScore software (based on High Fidelity) has been presented.


You can download the latest version of our software for use on your VR glasses at any time.
To get information about the usage of the devices, please visit manual for Meta Quest or this manual for HTC Vive.

For the installation of the apk for the Meta Quest, please follow this manual.

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